This workshop is designed to teach you a deeper understanding of Access 2013 in a practical way. This workshop is designed for the advanced users of Access 2013. This workshop incorporates a hands-on approach to learning. They will get a chance to practice some of the advanced features right on a computer.

This workshop is meant to provide a safe learning environment where they can practice and learn Access 2013 Expert functions without worrying about making mistakes. Access 2013 features a new framework that is designed for one purpose―enable users to create data-centric web applications. Taking the time to develop a deep understanding of Access 2013 will increase their knowledge on how databases work and make creating and managing an Access 2013 database easier for everyone.

Duration                       Learning Credits        

1 day-8 hours of           8 PDU’s 



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Early Bird Price: AUD 799.00

Regular Price: AUD 649.00

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Early Bird Price: AUD 699.00

Regular Price: AUD 549.00

Private Group/ In-House Learning:

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Course Outline

Module One: Customizing Apps (I)

● Creating a Custom App from Scratch

● Adding a Template Table Adding a Blank Table

● Importing Access 2010 Tables

● Module One: Review Questions

Module Two: Customizing Apps (II)

● About Custom Actions

● Adding a Custom Action

● Editing a Custom Action

● Deleting a Custom Action

● Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Customizing Apps (III)

● About User Interface Macros

● Creating an Embedded Macro

● Creating a Standalone macro

● Saving Your App as a Package

● Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Working with Validation Rules and Messages

● Creating a Field Validation Rule

● Creating a Field Validation Message

● Creating a Validation Rule

● Creating a Validation Message

● Testing Validation Rules

● Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Working with Macros

● Creating a Before Change Event

● Working with the Macro Tools Design Tab

● Working with the Action Catalog

● Creating an After Event

● Creating a Named Macro

● Renaming or Deleting Macros

● Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Advanced Query Tasks

● Using Query Design View

● Creating Ad Hoc Relationships

● Creating an Update Query

● Creating a Parameter Query

● Comparing Two Tables by Using a Join

● Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Designing Forms

● Common Formatting Tasks

● Using Themes

● Working with Controls

● Adding Header and Footer Elements

● Arranging Form Elements

● Formatting Forms

● Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Advanced Reporting Tasks

● Using Report Sections

● Using Conditional Formatting

● Grouping and Sorting Data

● Adding Calculated Controls

● Creating Labels

● Module Eight: Review questions

Module Nine: Advanced Database Tools

● Using the Database Documenter

● Analyzing Table Performance

● Analyzing Database Performance

● Repairing a Database

● Compacting a Database

● Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Working with the Access Environment

● Working with Database Properties

● Encrypting a Database with a Password

● Using Save Object As

● Setting Access Options

● Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Wrapping Up

● Words from the Wise

● Review of Parking Lot

Who Can Attend?

Anybody who is interested in learning Access 2013 Expert Skills

Learning Goals

After completing this course, Individuals will be able to demonstrate their understanding of:

● Customizing Apps

● Working with Validation Rules and Messages

● Working with Macros

● Advanced Query Tasks

● Designing Forms

● Advanced Reporting Tasks

● Advanced Database Tools

● Working with the Access Environment

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