In today’s professional world many skills are overlooked as a “given”. Individuals are expected to perform in their field of expertise and it is assumed that includes excellent interpersonal, presentation and communication skills. Unfortunately this is not the norm. Presentations Skills can be developed over time by exposure, but without proper guidance and advice, we risk developing pitfalls that may unconsciously end up being inappropriate for the desired outcome; engaging, entertaining, educating the audience, or gaining buy-in for an idea or project.

In this course participants will be exposed to a series of tailor made improvement points that will help in mastering presentation and communication skills

Duration                       Learning Credits        

1 day-8 hours of           8 PDU’s 



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Early Bird Price: AUD 799.00

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Course Outline

Before we Begin

● Welcome / Introductions

● Purpose / Inspiration

● Course dynamics

● Self evaluation on Advanced Presentation skills knowledge – Class discussion

Becoming an Inspiring Speaker

● Exercise/Role play: Silence

● Accurate Reading

● Video: Isabel Allende – Tales of Passion

● Exercise: Words clearly spoken

● SSSAP – Set, Support, Sequence, Access and Polish Concept

● Naturalness

● Use of the outline

● Logical development of material

● Extemporaneous delivery

● Accurately timed, properly proportioned

● Exercise: Using a teleprompter without showing you are reading

● Activity: Audience analysis

● Video: Your body language shapes who you are

● Exercise: The final presentation


Activities (Optional)

● Option 1: Simulation Game

● Option 2: Videos, activities and discussions

● Option 3: Special assignments – live presentations

Conclusions (Optional)

● Wrap up

● Self Assessment

● Feedback Form

● Closing Remarks

Who Can Attend?

● Managers

● Sales Executives

● Business People

● Team Leaders

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

● Master your presentation skills

● Manage silence

● Be an articulate and accurate reader

● Understand how to be natural even by reading a script or notes

● Develop an outline that makes sense

● Use presentation technologies such as a teleprompter

● Be aware of body language and read your audience

● Be effective in allocating time for impact

● Put thoughts in writing with a goal in mind, prioritizing key ideas and messages.

● Develop valuable skills, including reading, analyzing and organizing information.

● Handle audiences, conversing, eye contact, answering questions, remembering, showing and transmitting enthusiasm, appearance, poise, choice of words, express conviction, repetition, and more.

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